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I am married, and I have three great kids! I have a biological daughter, and I have a stepson and a stepdaughter. I love my husband, he is the greatest guy of all time!!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

I am in COMPLETE shock!!

My mom offered me money if I would let her see my daughter.  She knows that I'm going through Dave Ramsey's finance program, and she knows that the first step is to get $1000 in savings for an emergency fund.  She offered me $150 a month if I would let my daughter go to her house on my drill weekends.  I'm kind of in shock, as I've NEVER heard of anyone offering money for a child.  I don't know what to do!!!  Of course, I said absolutely not to my mom, but is there something else I should do?  I mean, I don't know if it's legal or not, but it's DEFINITELY not moral.  In the same exact email she asked me where her Christian daughter has gone.  There has been so much emotional/mental/verbal abuse in my life, that I'm finally starting to recognize it when I see it.  My mom thinks she can manipulate me into feeling sorry for her, by attacking my character, trying to make me doubt myself.  She thinks that if she is mean enough, eventually I will feel bad enough about myself that, in order to make the abuse stop, I will come around to her way of thinking.  Not gonna happen this time.  I've had enough.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Hello!!  I've actually found a business opportunity that I think I might like!!  With this one, I can work as little or as much as I want to, and I control how much money I make!  I can make a little bit of money, or a TON of money!  =)  If anybody wants in on this coolness, be sure to let me know!! 

Autumn Lingerfelt

Make some extra cash!

Have a fantastic day!!

Monday, February 21, 2011


Okay, so I'm working on this blog, trying to find ways to get links onto my blog, so that maybe I can get just a little extra income, and just for the record, it's HARD!!  I never knew how hard it was trying to get my website 'income ready'!!  I've found quite a few things that I can put on here, it's just a matter of trying to figure out how to add the links!  I am horrible at webpage editing, or HTML editing!!  I guess maybe I need to take a class, so I'll get a little better!!  Anyone know of any classes I could take?  Thanks for reading!!  =)

Google AdSense

Have any of you guys heard about Google AdSense? I guess all I have to do is put the little code on my page, and every time someone clicks on it, I get paid. It seems too good to be true. Is it? I guess I'll see!! If you'd like to help me with my scientific theory (lol), click the link once or twice, and see what happens!! I guess if your computer doesn't explode, I'm doing something right!! =) Have a fantastic day!!

The Amazon Kindle

I got a Kindle for Christmas from my dad, and I have to say, it is amazing.  I never thought I would be interested in something like this, if just for the pure fact that I love the way new books smell!!  I love the way old books smell too, like they have character!!  When I opened the box on Christmas day, I was surprised and EXCITED!!  The Kindle was SO neat!!  I couldn't wait to get to a computer and search for books!!  The cool thing about the Kindle is, you don't have to be at a computer!!  As long as there is wi-fi access, there is a shop in the Kindle store capability!!  I didn't have to wait until I got home to start shopping!!  I was on the internet, looking for books, within five minutes of ripping the box open!! 

Since getting my Kindle, I've read SO many books, so many different KINDS of books, it's unreal!!  Books I thought I would NEVER read, I finished in a day.  Another great thing about the Kindle is, if you have a smart phone, 'there's an app for that!'  I have the Kindle app for my phone, my home computer, and my work computer, so now, ANYWHERE I go, I can read the books I've purchased!!  I am almost never without access to my books, and that really is a great thing!!  I will never have to lug a bag full of books when I go on trips, I will never have to sit at the airport, bored to death, waiting for my flight.  Any time I get a break at work, instead of going online shopping, and spending a lot of money I don't have, I can click on the app for my kindle and read a book!! 

Really and truly, I love this thing!!  I sleep with mine almost every night, and I have a hard time letting mine go when I have to work!!  I would recommend the Kindle to everyone!!  Housewives, soccer moms, pastors, working dads, accountants, EVERYONE!!  Follow the link below, and go get yours today!!

Trying this out

Hello web world!!  I'm trying this thing out, hoping to be able to vent, be creative, make some friends, and possibly make some money!!  If anyone has any suggestions, please don't hesitate to let me know!! 

I went to Dave Ramsey's seminar on Saturday, and I'm working desperately on Baby Step One: $1000 Emergency Fund.  Dave said it would take about a month to get my emergency fund, so thankfully, I've got some time!!  I've been reading e-books, blog posts, and website articles all day, trying to get ideas on how to make some extra income.  So far, I've found referral bonuses, affiliate earning, and writing for websites to earn money!  I sure hope I can get something out of all this research!!

Like I said, if anyone has a suggestion, please don't be afraid to talk to me!!  Let me know what I'm doing wrong, what I could do to make things better, and just any advice you can give me!!  Thanks guys, I hope you have fun with me!!  =)