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I am married, and I have three great kids! I have a biological daughter, and I have a stepson and a stepdaughter. I love my husband, he is the greatest guy of all time!!

Monday, July 9, 2012

Yeah yeah, I know, it's been FOREVER!!

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything new.  I've been in a pretty dark place, and it's really hard to be positive when you're down like this, ya know?  Instead of bogging everyone else down with my drama, I just suffered in silence.  =)  Anyway, I don't know that I'm DONE with the down in the dumps, but I'm working on it!!  I found this GREAT website just a few minutes ago, it's http://www.yourlifeyourway.net/.  They have inspirational quotes, AMAZING photos, and some pretty great blog entries!!  The lady's name is Tia, and her space says that she's a coach/pathfinder/whole bunch of other stuff!!  Whatever the case may be, go check it out!!  I'm pretty sure you won't be disappointed!!

Lastly, I found this AMAZING quotation while on Pinterest for the 97th hour today.....I know SEVERAL hypocrites, not that I'm naming any names.  That's one of the main reasons I'm no longer going to the church that I went to for almost 30 years.  Well, that and the fact that they wouldn't let me marry my husband in the church that I grew up in.  I was told that they "aren't doing weddings in the church anymore, because it's too much of a hassle to clean up for Sunday morning."  I know for a FACT that there have been several weddings at that church since my wedding, and they didn't have to make alternate plans because they were told no.  VERY hurtful.  Oh well, that person can suck my big toe.

I'm a sinner saved by the grace of God.  I am DEFINITELY a sinner, but I don't claim to be anything else.  God bless you!!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I wanna write a book...

I really want to write a book!!  I've always wanted to work in publishing somehow, be it editing, proofreading, writing, or whatever.  Unfortunately, since I'm in Oklahoma, there's not really much opportunity for me to do that!  I've really been thinking about what I want in my life, and I know for a FACT that working at OMD fo the rest of my life is NOT what I want for my life.  I want to make some kind of contribution to the world!!  I think that if I write a book, it will help me contribute to the world!  So....what should I write about?  I've got some ideas, but I'd like to see what you think...  Give me some ideas!!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Glass Etching

I bought some glass etching creme last week.  I'm really excited to try it, but I think I have a problem.  I buy all of this craft crap, and then I'm afraid to use it!!  What if I mess it up?  Then I've wasted some perfectly good material, or a good glass!!  I DID get my glasses from Dollar Tree, so they were only $1, but I'm so scared!!  It's so dumb.  I don't know why I have such a fear.

Anyway......  I bought some etching creme for my glasses, and I can't WAIT to try it!!  If I can get it figured out, I'm going to make some up for the drinkers in Danny's family.  I've been trying to think of some phrases that go with drinking and Danny's family!  Do you have any suggestions? 

Something else to be etched with the glass creme?  A teeny tiny bottle with a cork, for 'fairy dust'!  I'm planning on etching the word 'wish' onto my tiny bottle!  I'm really looking forward to trying this stuff out!  I tried it last week on the tiny bottle, but I couldn't get the word 'wish' cut out of my vinyl.  I'm going to try to get some words printed on paper to help me with cutting out the template for my glasses.  Anyway...what would you put on a wine glass, if you didn't really KNOW the recipient, but you knew that she liked to drink?  I thought about YUM, but then I thought that maybe sounded silly.  What should I do??  I guess it would be really nice to get a neat fact about them, or a favorite quote of theirs, to put on the glasses!!!  I just thought about something else....a drinking quote from Marilyn Monroe or another really cool actress!  I've got it!!  =)  Have a great day!!

Chinese Toddler Hit and Run

So, I just read an article on Yahoo!, about a two year old girl in China who was hit by a van, and instead of helping, several vehicles drove right past the girl, not even slowing down.  A second truck actually hit the girl AGAIN!!  Finally, a woman stepped in and helped the girl out of the street to where her mother had just arrived.  Apparently, in China, people are afraid to help, for fear of being blamed and possibly prosecuted!!  Are you kidding me?  You can't help a BABY off of the street, because you are afraid to get blamed??  How disgusting is that?! 

What would you do?  If you feared that you would be blamed for a horrendous crime if you helped a child, would you NOT help?  Would you let a poor baby lay there, dying, so you didn't possibly get in trouble?  I don't care what the consequences are, if I see a child in trouble, I'm going to help!!  No matter what!!  I couldn't live with myself if I didn't help.  The Bible says, whatever you do to the least of these, you've done to me.

Monday, October 3, 2011

It's been a while....

So, I haven't been on here in a couple weeks.  Sadly, it's because I hurt my stupid knee.  I have NO clue what I did, but I could hardly walk on it, I couldn't drive (because I drive a standard), and I was off work for two weeks.  Not fun.  I am still waiting on someone to call me to schedule an MRI, that should be either today or tomorrow.  Fun stuff.  I've been laying around, sleeping a LOT.  I told my boss that I would work from home, but he didn't want me to, said he didn't have the authority to let me do that.  Whatever.  So, I did nothing.  I watched a LOT of TV, I didn't do many crafts, because I have to be moving to do those.  I haven't used my sewing machine in about three weeks, that's terrible!!  On the plus side though....I have a fun new crafting obsession!!  Polymer Clay!!!  I've been working with it for about a week now, while hanging on the couch, and it's fun!!  I've made a couple charms so far, and that's really it.  I made a candy corn charm, a cupcake charm, a halloween lollipop charm, and a couple glow in the dark star charms.  I'm really looking forward to seeing what I can do with this stuff, the possibilities are endless!!  I was on YouTube almost all day last week, watching tutorials for the clay!  I learned how to make a Pacman charm bracelet, ice cream charms, and several other charms!!  I'm hoping to start crafting for Christmas soon, and I think this will help me with gifts for the small girls in my husband's family!  Yay!!  I think the next post I write will be about Christmas crafting, so stay tuned!!  =)

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Just one wish....courtesy of the Mother Huddle...

If you had one wish, just one wish, what would it be?  Nothing about children, about YOU!! 

I would wish for peace in my family.  Peace between my husband and my parents.  I wish more than anything that they could get along, for MY sake.  Not for the kids, because they will NEVER agree about the kids, but for me.  If they could just pretend to like each other, so I wouldn’t have to always choose sides between my husband and my parents.  That really sucks.  Sometimes, I would just like to be able to call up my parents and say hey, can we go to lunch?  and take my husband with me, and all of us talk like the adults we ‘claim’ to be.  As it stands right now, my parents don’t like my husband, and he feels the same way.  I would love for all of us to just GET ALONG!!! 
Just like Destri, from the Mother Huddle, I too love fresh sheets!!  Mine don’t smell like fresh air though, they smell CLEAN.  It’s a WONDERFUL smell!!  If I could go to bed every night, and magically have clean sheets, I’d be in heaven!!

I know that’s two wishes…one that’s attainable, and one that’s really not.  You decide which is which!!  If you had one wish, what would it be?

This post wouldn't be possible without the great question from this post: http://www.themotherhuddle.com/the-i-and-me-in-us/

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Question of the day.....

So, I was doing my normal blog reading, I read like a million blogs a day, and I found a new, fun blog!!  www.puglypixel.com, it's great!!  Today, there was a question of the day, and I really wanted to answer it!!  Maybe I  can start doing this semi-regularly!!  So, without further ado, the question of the day from puglypixel.com:

What would you do if money were not an issue?

If money were not an issue, I would get my back fixed, which would be AMAZING!!  I would adopt a baby, so my husband and I could have a child together.  I would get rid of my awful, awful car, and get a semi-new, 4x4 SUV, and I would get my husband a 4x4 Ford pickup.  If exes were also not an issue, I would buy the house in Colorado Springs, and move my family up there to enjoy the view of Pike’s Peak out of our kitchen window!!  I would quit my job and start homeschooling my kids, so they can stay innocent as long as possible!!  I would also open a teen ranch, for troubled kids, so that we could help runaways and bad kids, which has always been a dream of mine and my husband’s!  I would let my kids go on a shopping spree of course, and I wouldn’t tell them ONCE that it was too expensive.  My poor kids wouldn’t have to look at the price tag one time on this trip!!!  Lastly, I would take my whole family to Disney World,on the vacation of a lifetime!! 
What would YOU do if money were not an issue??