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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Question of the day.....

So, I was doing my normal blog reading, I read like a million blogs a day, and I found a new, fun blog!!  www.puglypixel.com, it's great!!  Today, there was a question of the day, and I really wanted to answer it!!  Maybe I  can start doing this semi-regularly!!  So, without further ado, the question of the day from puglypixel.com:

What would you do if money were not an issue?

If money were not an issue, I would get my back fixed, which would be AMAZING!!  I would adopt a baby, so my husband and I could have a child together.  I would get rid of my awful, awful car, and get a semi-new, 4x4 SUV, and I would get my husband a 4x4 Ford pickup.  If exes were also not an issue, I would buy the house in Colorado Springs, and move my family up there to enjoy the view of Pike’s Peak out of our kitchen window!!  I would quit my job and start homeschooling my kids, so they can stay innocent as long as possible!!  I would also open a teen ranch, for troubled kids, so that we could help runaways and bad kids, which has always been a dream of mine and my husband’s!  I would let my kids go on a shopping spree of course, and I wouldn’t tell them ONCE that it was too expensive.  My poor kids wouldn’t have to look at the price tag one time on this trip!!!  Lastly, I would take my whole family to Disney World,on the vacation of a lifetime!! 
What would YOU do if money were not an issue??

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