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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Is It Possible To Have A Case Of The Wednesdays???

I swear, today is just like a Monday!! I woke up late, I got a call from my babysitter, asking if I was going to work today. Well of course, I didn't call you and cancel for today, did I? So THAT'S how my day started off. I flew to the city, because I had a meeting for work at 0800. I was told that I didn't need my computer, so I didn't take it into the meeting. I get there, and I'm the only person without a computer. How embarassing. Thankfully, I took my computer home yesterday, because I had some work to do, so I was good to go. I get all set up, and the damn power strip isn't working!! No big deal, I got another power strip, we were in business! When the meeting started (around 0845 because thankfully I wasn't the only late one), I determined that there was absolutely NO reason for me to be there. This class was for people who worked in the units, not for me, because I work at state and don't use that system. So I sit through a class for four hours, listening to information I didn't need! I finally got back to work, and I started looking over my latest project, which is a revision of the handbook that is due on Thursday, at noon. I was given this project YESTERDAY. Good times. So I'm working on this project, and I was told that it had already been done, by someone who doesn't work in my department anymore. Why would she do it, she hasn't worked in this department since 1 November 2010?? That doesn't make any sense!! Apparently, I'm not competent enough in my abilities to get the job done. Whatever. The icing on the cake, however, is the fact that my loyal BFF is still sitting at her desk, looking pretty, like there is nothing wrong. There IS something wrong, she's supposed to be a secretary now!! But NOOOO....why would anyone tell her she needs to leave?? That would just upset the poor sweet innocent girl, who has done nothing wrong. Who cares?? She broke the rules, she needs to pay for that!!!! It is NOT okay for her to still be working with me!!! Whatever.

Needless to say, I have not had the best week!! Thankfully, tomorrow is going to be a short day, because we have the company picnic, and Friday will be a short day, because it's the day before the holiday, and next week will be short, because it's Independence Day, so I WILL get a break!! There is just entirely too much drama up here.

Sorry for the rant/ramble, I needed to get that off my chest!! I feel better, do you?? =)

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