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Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy Independence Day!!!

Happy Day!! =) I love this holiday!! Today has been a really boring day so far, we'v been hanging out at home, cleaning all day, but the deadline is 4pm, and we're getting ready and going to town!! We've been looking at different celebrations in the city, and I'm so excited!! There is free watermelon at several locations, a hot dog eating contest in Yukon, and lots of other fun stuff!! I can't wait!!

Until then, like I said, cleaning all day!! I've been cleaning up my crafty area, finding lots of cool stuff that I had already forgotten about!! I'm really looking forward to getting some new crafts done!!

Last night, I was awake until 4am, working on my greeting cards. I got five cards done, three of them are red, white, and blue, patriotic for the holiday, and the other two are lilac colored flowers, with a white background. I'm planning on finishing up the set, and I'm going to put them on my Etsy page!!

The next thing on my to-try list, is grocery bags!! I've got several different kinds of patterns, for different bags to try!! One of them is a t-shirt bag, which looks REALLY easy!! All you have to do is find a t-shirt that you don't want to wear anymore, sew the bottom seams together, cut a wider hole in the neck, make a hem line, and then cut off the sleeves and sew the seams closed, so it's not ugly. Too easy!!! =) I'm looking forward to making one or twenty!! =)

Also on my to-try list, is a bag used for produce. I want to put a link in here, but the one I added was dead. Hopefully I can find one later, and I can put it with a different tag!

I guess that's it for now, some time either today or tomorrow, I'll post about my weekend excitement! We went out for our anniversary, and we had a BLAST!!! We had so much fun, that it deserves it's own entry!!

I hope all of y'all have a FANTASTIC holiday, and I hope it's LOUD and PRETTY!! =)

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