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Monday, July 18, 2011

Oh happy day!!

This is what I wrote on Independence Day, and I forgot to hit publish!!

OH, we had SO much fun!!  We ended up going to Yukon, to the Freedom Fest, which was a long drive!!  Once we got there, we started wandering around, and this REALLY sweet older lady driving a golf cart labeled 'shuttle' picked us up, and while she drove us to the site, she told us all about everything that was going on!  She said there was free ice cream, free watermelon, the Rodeo Opry was there singing, Sandi Patty was going to be singing later this evening.  Sandi Patty!!!  It was awesome!!  The sweet lady also told us that there was a hotdog eating competition too, so that was pretty neat!!  The first thing we did when we got there was get some free watermelon.  It was DELICIOUS!!  The kids just kept saying they wanted more and more!!!  After the watermelon, the girls got washed up while the boys went to the car to get our chairs.  After the cleanup, we went to the ice cream table and got some free ice cream, it was YUMMY!!  When Dan and Matt got back from the car, we found a section of grass to claim, and set up camp!  When it was time, we went and watched the hotdog eating contest, which was REALLY gross, but my kids thought it was HILARIOUS!!!  After the contest, we went and found dinner from the vendors, which was YUMMY!!  All of the food there was amazing!!  After dinner, we just hung out, waiting for the fireworks to start!!  At around 9:30, they started the fireworks!!  The fireworks went on for a good 40 minutes or so, it was GREAT!!  The orchestra played in the background while the fireworks were shooting off, it was BEAUTIFUL!!  Maybe later I'll get a couple of pics up here!!  Overall, it was a FANTASTIC day!!

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