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Friday, August 5, 2011

Daily Posting...

So I guess when I named my blog, I shouldn't have named it my 'daily' blog, I should have named it the 'whenever I feel like it' blog!!  I've been trying SO hard to post every day, but almost every time I think about it, I'm not near a computer, and if I am, I'm busy doing something else!!  Anyway, my point is, I'm going to try to start writing more often, if it kills me!!

Okay, so I have a question.  I want to get my girls something to remember us by while they are at school.  I saw these rings that I fell in LOVE with, it is just a plain silver ring that spells LOVE in cursive.  My husband thinks they're too young for that, but what do you think??  I think T might be too young, but not B.  B is too smart for even 2nd grade, I think she would definitely be able to take care of something like that.  Do you have any ideas for what I can give them, so they won't be lonely at school??  Thanks!!

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  1. What about a necklace instead of a ring? That way it is always around their neck and they won't really have to worry about keeping up with it. When they get lonely they can rub the charm or whatever is on it.