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Thursday, August 18, 2011

I witnessed a wreck!!

So I witnessed a wreck today.  A BAD wreck.  There were three vehicles involved, a black van, a white car, and a red truck.  I’m going to talk through what happened, mostly for my sake.  Feel free to read all about it!  I’m going to use BV for black van, WC for white car, and RT for red truck.  Duh.  =)
Anyway, I was driving along, going about 90 MPH, when all of a sudden I felt the need to slow down.  I slowed down to about 75 or so, and then in front of me, I saw this BV with the hazard lights on, going REALLY slow.  There was a WC driving up on it, going REALLY fast, when the WC suddenly slammed on her brakes, swerving back and forth across the lanes of traffic.  The WC swerved off the road, then got back on the road, where she hit a BV.  The BV swerved of course, because of the collision, and the RT swerved, trying to avoid being hit by the BV.  The RT swerved off the road, then back on the road, and then he went off the road again and flipped twice, landing on its side.  I was behind all of it, watching, kind of frozen in shock.  I pulled over to the side of the road, trying to decide whether to call 911 or not.  Someone else who witnessed it pulled over in front of me, and as they got out of their car, they were calling 911, so I didn’t.  I walked across the busy highway; it hadn’t slowed down at all, to talk to the people in the wreck.  There was a guy in the RT, a woman in the BV, and a woman in the WC.  Believe it or not, everyone was okay!!  The guy in the RT climbed out his window, and he walked away without a scratch!!  Within seconds it seemed, there was an EMT on the spot, and the fire and police were also there within minutes!!  The other witness and I had to stand around waiting, probably for about 30 minutes, waiting to give our statement to the Highway Patrol.  We gave our accounts, and he took my information, just in case.  It was VERY scary, and I’m still thanking God that He made me slow down, otherwise, one of those vehicles probably would have been mine.  Thank you God!  Even though I’ve had some really personal issues with God this summer, He was still there, watching over me.  He definitely deserves ALL the credit for keeping me safe. 

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