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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I'm learning to crochet!!

I’m learning to crochet!! I got a book last week, and I’ve just been chipping at it, one day at a time! As of last night, I’ve finished about four rows of a future blanket, I’m REALLY excited!! I’m hoping to get it done some time before Christmas, and maybe if I do, I can figure out how to make some Christmas gifts for people. I’m really excited, because this is something I’ve always wanted to learn!! I am really enjoying crafting!! I can’t wait to get it done, so I can post the pics on here!! =)


  1. I know how to crochet but only the basic stitch. My grandma taught me a long long time ago. It can be very therapeutic...til your hand cramps up. lol

  2. My left hand is SOOO sore, and I didn't even crochet yesterday!! It's really relaxing though, I usually just lay on the couch while I'm working!